A warm welcome to the blog of the EMMI Chaplains Associates International; whether you are a member of the Association or just browsing, you will recognize the Association’s aims: the value that ties our friendship and support, the communications bridge between members and the encouragement of prayer for the continued ministry of chaplaincy within the community. We hope you enjoy reading these pages as we seek ‘to serve and not to be served.

Our Goal

The EMMI Chaplain Associates International Ministry aims to unite chaplains worldwide to foster a strong partnership among chaplains of all disciplines through networking and discussion forums. 

Our Vision

To create a comprehensive and standardized curriculum so that officials from each chaplaincy are equipped to work as a team, in perfect sync with each other in the quality of emergency responses.

Chaplains commit themselves under oath to be available for crises and emergencies, including accidents and other related needs. They also help those struggling with faith questions about suffering, death and the meaning of life.

The EMMI Chaplain Associates International provides Non-Denominational Christian spiritual guidance. With our full support, we can provide the professional and dedicated care required today. We are often seen in the communities, recognized in clergy attire, unique ID cards and registered numbered badges, which we carry with great conviction and love for everyone.


  • Spiritual guidance, care, and support to any person whether or not they identify with a particular faith.
  • Referrals to religious churches.
  • Support during rites of passage
  • Help bridge the intellectual understanding of spirituality and the living reality of faith. 
  • We offer spiritual support from a holistic perspective.


 This Ministry came into existence on May 21st, 2023, from our Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Association Ministry (2017). 

In 2020, the EMMI African Churches Association was created.

  • Elections of the Board of Elders
  • Members  (Notice IAoC Members are not members of the EMMI Chaplain Associates International)